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Thee Doggy Treat Family

We are a family-owned business committed to providing healthy dog treats for your fur best friend! 

Andrea Woods

The Goddaughter

Andrea Woods is the owner of Thee Doggy Treat - the sole authorized online retailer for Doggi O's Dog Treats. She is passionate about helping dog owners keep their fur friends healthy & happy, carrying on her family's legacy in business, and diversifying the dog treat industry. One of her earliest experiences in the small business world was at at 10 years old serving Smoki O's BBQ to customers at Soulard's Farmers' Market. Growing up, she looked forward to weekends where she could spend time with her god-family and eat some of the best BBQ in the world!

Otis & Earline Walker

The Godparents

Earline and Otis Walker are the owners of Doggi O's Dog Treats and Smoki O's Barbecue in St. Louis, Missouri. This dynamic duo, husband & wife, have been in business for 20+ years making sure that St. Louis (and beyond) has "barbecue done right". Because of their dedication to servant leadership, they are revered in the Black St. Louis community for their leadership and mentoring of younger generations.

Christopher Walker

The Godbrother

Christopher Walker perfected Doggi O's all-natural, delicious and delectable dog treats while working as the store manager at Smoki O's. Not only was he a mastermind at cooking pig snout, he had a jovial spirit that allowed him to build meaningful relationships with customers, vendors, and employees alike. His legacy shall live on through Smoki O's, Doggi O's and Thee Doggy Treat.  

Thee Doggy Treat LLC


1545 N. Broadway
Saint Louis, MO, 63102, US

About us

We are a family-owned business committed to providing healthy dog treats for your fur best friend! Manufactured by Smoki O's. Made in the USA. Products are currently only available for shipping in the US. 

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